Fees for private lessons are $60 for 45 minutes.

Lessons can be extended to a full hour for $80. 
Group Classes are paid by the semester or length of the course. Times and prices vary. 

Private Lessons - Classical Singing

Nancy Fox   Robert Snodgrass.

Classical vocal training with music from many styles and various languages prepares students for many different singing experiences.  Classical singing technique teaches the elements of beautiful vocalism that allow the voice to shine in practically any style of music.  Classical students are encouraged to participate in the studio staged productions that are learning tools for them.  Master classes with guest experts, language diction workshops, and regular recitals are all part of their training.

Private Coaching - Pop/Broadway Styles of Singing

David Gross  Andrew Hink

Learning to sing with your natural voice and choosing
keys to fit it!

Classic Broadway and Standards, other classic pop music, stylistic coaching and vocalism, performance skills and musicianship.  Arrangements, staging. David Gross

Current Broadway and up to the minute pop music.. Andrew Hink

Private Coaching - Performance Preparation

John Pekich

Develop your charisma and take the stage with your song or scene! Includes techniques for memorizing, using appropriate body language. 

Class - Sing Your Heart Out! 

Boys and Girls Ages 6 - 8
Class: Age appropriate and fun songs, acting and staging. Learning of basic rhythms and intervals. Singing technique principles drawn from “Fearless Singing for Kids!” Note: this is not a “belt it out” class, we take very good care of our young students voices. Parents invited to observe. Andrew Hink

Reading Music by learning “Solfeggio”

Class:  The do,re,mi system - all agesl  Mondays or Tuesdays.  This class is a MUST for any serious singers in any style.  Bob Snodgrass

Song Interpretation and communication – Making magic!

Class:  An advanced class in song interpretation and communication for teens and adults. With singing actress Koren Cowgill, this class will make you shine as you involve the audience in the message of the music!   Nancy Fox


Class: Is there a song in you? Learn the elements of composing music.  With composer Koren Cowgill.

Men’s Vocal Workout

Class:  Forty-five minutes once a week of controlled vocal exercise for adult men or older teens seeking to find or again find their voices!  Continuous singing with coaching for placement, support, and vowel positions.  Four class sessions, followed by an additional four sessions with song repertoire chosen by each person.  A great way to get in good vocal shape!  Bob Snodgrass

Classes - Drama

John Pekich 

"Who am I Now and What's my Line?"   Elements of drama taught in age grouped classes.  John Pekich has a scholarly, well-organized and off-the-wall fun approach that brings the shyest of students to performance level in a short period of time.  With personalized scripts and mini-plays written by Pekich for each student, learning is automatic and very speedy!  Pekich tongue-twisters, confrontational dialogue and thought-provoking situations bring students to life on stage and in real life as well!

Private Coaching - Drama

John Pekich

You will learn basic acting techniques including projection and articulation, script analysis, character development, improvisation, and stage presence.  You will learn how to create a strong character for auditions and performances. Pageant contestants will also study poise, self-confidence, and stage presence for interviews and performances.

Class - Vocal Aerobics for Women 

Class:  Forty-five minutes once a week for adult women who want to restore, improve, or learn from scratch how to effectively sing in a group or as a soloist.  Learn to make music with your own voice!  This class is all singing for 45 minutes, vocalizing on vowels and getting to know or rebuild your own instrument!  Four class sessions, followed by an additional four weekly classes featuring song repertoire assigned to each person.  Nancy Fox / Koren Cowgill


Ages 4-5  Action songs teaching rhythm and melodies. Story creation set to music. Listening with movement. Parents invited to observe and record for home practice. Nancy Fox

Boys' Unchanged Voice Class

Ages 9 – 12  Class or Private Lessons:  A unique class for young men who want to sing, and whose voices are not yet mature, but close!  Expert instruction with music that fits them, is both fun and inspiring, and helps them establish their grownup sound.  Robert Snodgrass

Girls Rule!

Ages 9 – 12  Class: Classical vocal technique training, creating performance pieces, mixed music styles. This age group is groomed for participation in Operafest International performances. Nancy Fox

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